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Cryotherapy Yorkshire uses cutting edge treatments that have been causing waves throughout the beauty and sports industry and is now becoming extremely effective in treating animals that have suffered trauama ranging from a simple sprain to a stroke or recovering from surgery. We guarantee a fantastic professional service each and every time. 

Most pain is accompanied by inflammation, swelling, heat and a redness of skin tone. Chronic inflammation in the body ages us and often leads onto a wide range of diseases which Cryotherapy can assist in offsetting.

By applying Cryotherapy to an isolated body part, the body is able to deliver all the healing proteins, oxygen, osteoblasts and many more healing functions your body needs. The immediate effect of cooling the skin and analgesia lasts for around five minutes and the release of endorphins can have a lasting effect that’ll give you a natural high and burst of energy.

The relief from pain and inflammation can both be seen and felt immediately after your Cryotherapy treatment. The more treatments you have the longer the results can be seen due to the body creating the pattern of delivering the healing elements it needs, and the lymphatic system draining away the damaged tissues and inflammation.

Cryotherapy for Face from Cryotherapy Yorkshire

Cryo Facelifts and Facials

Smooth out facial lines, reduce blemishes and wrinkles, giving a clearer & tighter appearance within minutes.
Cryotherapy for Body Sculpting

Cryo FAQ

This revolutionary alternative to liposuction and crash diets is natural and non-invasive - leaving you pain free, time rich and feeling great!
Cryotherapy FAQ

Pain Relief

Please visit our FAQ page to find out what Cryotherapy is, how long it lasts, what conditions and animals can be treated ... plus much more.
Cryotherapy for Animals

Cryo for Animals

Cryo is extremely effective in animals that have suffered trauma ranging from a simple sprain, recovering from surgery or in some cases a stroke.

Mobile Cryotherapy from Yorkshire Cryotherapy

Mobile Cryotherapy

Our Cryotherapy unit is mobile; we can treat horses in your yard, your animals at the vets or even host your pamper party at home.
Cost of Cryotherapy from Cryotherapy Yorkshire


Pricing for all of our treatments. Discounts are available for courses of tailored individual treatments, please get in touch.

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